Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuk Tuk Thai - A Place to Celebrate!

On Friday afternoon, I got the miraculous news that I will be able to leave my job as office slave. Well, to clarify, I’ll still be working in an office, and I’ll probably end up doing some similar duties. I will, however, be in charge of scripts and auditions for the voice over talent at a prestigious talent agency in Santa Monica; better pay, better hours, and a lovely little spot to watch the palm trees on the third floor. I apparently will also be given some free time to write while I cater to the wants and needs of my clientele – hopefully that means more blog posts!

In order to celebrate the news, Quinn and I took a stop at Tuk Tuk, a first date mecca. On one of our very first trysts together in Santa Barbara, Quinn drove me down to LA to this cutesy Thai joint on Pico Blvd. Dimmed, bordello-red lighting, intimate tables and hot sake all make for a very specific first date mood – and it worked like a charm! Apparently one of his friends brought all his dates there, sometimes even a new one every night. I’ve sent friends of mine there to keep the pressure of planning such an occasion to a minimum, so whether you’re a ladies’ man or Romeo, this is a place to check out.

They serve their noodle dishes in huge bowls, drowning in sauce, gravy, or spices. I’ve had their indulgent Pad Thai (a must!) almost every other time I’ve eaten there, so in honor of Culinary Therapy I decreed that I must partake in something new. Quinn recommended the Lad Nah, another noodle dish sinking in steaming hot gravy, and he decided to try a beef with spicy Thai Chili sauce. Having grown addicted to Trader Ming’s Pork Shu Mai Dumplings, I ordered some of the real deal for an appetizer.

The Lad Nah was not what I expected; a sweet, silky sauce and tender chicken pieces smothered under all the noodles. I preferred Quinn’s dish (which he lovingly split with me), seared beef slices dipped in the chili sauce, with an extra kick of lime! Tuk Tuk’s menu also boasts other intriguing meat options, some that we’ll definitely have to try next time. 
For a celebration dinner, first date, or even a cheap way to win over a casual night out (wink), Tuk Tuk is definitely a notable stop.

Tuk Tuk Thai
875 West Pico Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90035


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